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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survey Results

I sent my questionnaire to the my fellow South Alabama Diamond Girls. I asked them the following questions

and these were the results I got. : )

Have you learned more about the game in the years that you've been a part of this organization? If so, what? Explain.
Yes. I've learned more about the entire program in general.Yes, it has helped me learn about the rules of the game more in depth.No.Yes I have learned that the spirit of the game not winning or losing is the most important part of baseball
What are applications you could list this organization on?
Master's Degree
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Do you think Diamond Girls will take more time out of your schedule this year than it has in the past?
What have you enjoyed most during your time as a Diamond Girl?
traveling,relationships built
Meeting new people. 
supporting the jags and meeting new people
What would be some fun activities to reach out to the new girls joining us this year?
more traveling 
 retreat and big brother reveal
don't know.maybe have more activites where all the girls attend
Do you believe we should be more involved more in the game? If so, how? Explain.
I think more girls should come to the games, even if they aren't working the games.
Somewhat. I believe that this year we have a great group of girls and it will be alot easier to get girls to come to games and get involved! 
We could be. Getting involved and interactig more with the fans.yes and no. we should be involved more in the crowd and the parts of the game like the mascot race and other fun things like that that happen during the game but as far as being involved in the actual game no
Do you believe, as a whole, we show enough school spirit?
If you answered no to the above question, how can we change that?
We need to be involved in more projects
get involved in activities on campus and make known to people who we are
Is there anything on campus that you believe we should participate in that we don't or that we did last year and we should again this year (homecoming,etc.)?
homecoming was so much fun.homecoming
Homecoming, Intramurals
Homecoming, we should participate more in spirt week then we did last year and maybe pick a couple more activites around campus
Is there anything that you would change about this organization?
Not that I can think of.more involvement
Making it more well known to the campus and what we do and what we're all about.
I would like to see us more active in the community of the school and for diamond girls to have more standing around campus
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