"Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? Every, every minute?"
-- Thornton Wilder, Our Town

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment 12

Blog Instructions: Go to these links and read the articles on school children becoming too dependent on computers and the other on handwriting becoming a lost art. Do you agree? Disagree? Write a short post explaining your answer.



I agree with these articles. I understand that this class is all about the ways that we can improve our classrooms and our the way our students learn, however, I don't think we should lose everything we've done in the past.

1.) We lose spelling ability.
     While most people may find this a rather trivial thing to think about...it's a pet peeve of mine. I can't stand to see common words misspelled. When we are so used to using things such as Microsoft Word and phones that check our spelling for us, we lose the ability to spell on our own. One of my professors mentioned just the other day that our "shorthand" that we develop in texting, creeps into our work we turn in on tests. That's fine for our own notes, however it's not acceptable for work that is turned in.

2.) Taking notes proves to be helpful.
     When students take notes, they are more likely to remember what they've written. In fact, many teachers recommend that students re-copy their notes in order to study. In my opinion, this is a great study tool. It also keeps students paying attention in class when they are writing notes.

3.) Writing is a basic skill.
     What's one of the first things we learn in kindergarten? To write. What's the one thing a teacher will hound you on if it's awful? You're writing. I do believe writing is a lost art. Many people can't even form a proper sentence. We depend on programs to correct our errors, and we don't see the need to know how to write correctly. It's my belief that students will always need to know how to write. Always. There will always be essays to be written in class on tests. There will always be short answer questions on tests. We just need to give students a good background in writing. So many people don't even know how to create a properly addressed letter. It makes me sad to think that we're losing that quality in our society.

4.) Conversation is becoming a thing of the past.
     Computers take away our personal interaction. With emails, texting, and instant messaging, we don't have a need to see people and speak with them. I asked my kids in Sunday School the other day how they felt about this [we were talking about dating, but it's still relevant]. I asked them if they text to get to know someone or chat on Facebook. They said well yeah of course. Then I asked well what about when you meet them in person? Is it awkward? They agreed that it was. They didn't know what to say. We grow so complacent with just being able to think before we write, that it becomes truly weird when we see someone in person. People today have no conversation skills anymore. They don't know how to communicate anymore.

In conclusion, I think these articles made some good points. By no means am I saying technology is the devil, and something we shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, I'm just saying that we shouldn't forget everything we once prized as a society.


  1. I think you did a great job on your blog assignment, but when you put in all those web addresses I would have put in a link instead of someone having to type in that long address. Other than that I thought would chose an excellent assignment.

  2. Very thought provoking and discussion breeding assignment. SS